Moving and Bdaying

Well I have moved into my new room in Schaffer Hall. It's pretty nice. It's bigger than my room last year but I guess I didn't spend much time in there so it didn't much matter. I'm kinda tired from the not doing much today after moving in yesterday and avoiding using the elevator because the line was too long. I live on the 8th floor so you be the judge of if that' crazy to carry everything up instead of waiting in line to get on the elevator.

Today was uneventful. Heather and I went down Whyte Ave. to Chapters but I didn't buy any books. I ordered a couple textbooks on so they should be here next week. We made Quiche for dinner and it was quite good. I think I will write more tomorrow as I am off to bed because I kept getting up early last week even though I didn't have to and I went to be late all last week. Saturday night I didn't get into bed until almost 2.30 and I got up just after 7 on Sunday morning.

Song: Have You Ever Seen the Rain - CCR

Book: I hope to start one soon.