So far

School so far has been quite good. I had my first pop quiz in Latin American Studies and of course almost all the class had not completed their reading, though with my readings that I had done I think I got most of the quiz right. The problem with the readings for that class is that they are really long and boring. One of them was a translation of Cortez's original journal when he went to Mexico for the first time oh way back when. Needless to say his account was kind of dry.

At some point in the next 5 days I have to watch a movie for that class too. I don't really want to go watch it tomorrow night but I don't want to watch it on Friday night or Monday either. I guess I will just have to make a choice.

I think I will look for a job this weekend. Oh and I get to start playing dodgeball this weekend. I should look for when that is scheduled.

I know these posts aren't that compelling but they'll get better.

Song: Wonderboy - Tenacious D

Book: Same as below (It's going slow since I only really read it for a few minutes before class)