Thoughts [Part (1)]

I was sitting in a class the other day and I don't know anybody in my classes, mostly, and I was thinking about things. I have met a few random people in various classes but that's about all. Anyway, that isn't what I was thinking about. I was actually remembering oh back when I was in Engineering and people would ask me questions. At the time I might have been annoyed with the questions but now I think about that and I really liked it. It gave a sense of importance, like I really knew what was going on and other people believed they could trust my help. This became less present in my second year of university and has, basically, disappeared completely in the last year and a bit of school. It's something that you don't notice until it's gone and perhaps I didn't realize that I do like teaching people things, though I will officially deny that.

In my Latin American Studies class the other day, I found this hard to believe, our professor stopped mid-sentence to tell the class of mostly 3rd and 4th year students what 'theology' meant. Honestly, it was in our readings, many many times. If people didn't know what it meant by this point they had to be ignorant and not care. Sometimes, profs should really think about who they are talking to. However, I know of situations where they should stop and explain but that is mostly up to the students to ask if they don't know or don't understand.

Moving along to real news, I applied for my degree yesterday. It's really just the first step in a long process of hoops that one has to jump through to actually get a degree. You have to apply then they do a course check, to make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements, and then you have to argue with them about this course check. Thankfully they sent me one in the summer telling me that I had the right courses and such so it shouldn't be too painful.

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