Thoughts [Part (2)]

The problem with this is that I have forgotten where I wanted to start today. I think it had something to do with how my project idea didn't really work out.

I came back to school all those (almost) 3 weeks ago, and I was supposed to have an idea for my honours project (really it's honors because that's how this university spells it on the degree). Of course, I didn't have a concrete idea, and it seems the other three students in my position all did know what they wanted to work on. I just knew that it should be some work in a language area that was of interest to me. Some good ideas had come to me over the summer but they were involved in Eastern Europe and South Pacific, which aren't really areas that have things I am interested in, at least not linguistically. (Sure the US re-deploying its troops further into Eastern Europe is interesting, but I am not a Poli-Sci or Strategic Studies person.) So that really left me with something in the Caribbean. Nobody here works on Haiti, which would be interesting, but alas the university would never let anybody go there due to the political situation or lack thereof. This left me with mesoamerica, and so I'm hoping to do an analysis of language contact situations in the past and recent past to find out what is different and why Spanish is hurting the local languages.

Now that I have thought about it, that was not what I had wanted to write about, but I still can't think of what I did want to write. So I'll write about how it's actually quite nice to have e-mail conversations going on with people this year. I can tell people things that they probably won't find interesting and they can tell me random things. Not everything isn't interesting but you know what I mean some things just aren't that interesting. Stories, they are interesting, and I don't care who is in them or what happens. To find out things that go on with people you know is enjoyable.

I don't really know what else I want to write for now. I think I will go have lunch.

Song: Caring is Creepy - The Shins (They kind of sound like U2 in this song)

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