I'm sitting here trying to read Latin American Studies and ignoring the facts that it is long and translated and was poetic in Spanish, it is a long read that isn't all the inspiring. If I wouldn't forget to do it tomorrow I would do this one tomorrow and study for B Law today or Economics. Actually maybe I will. I will finish putting my Econ notes onto my computer.

I got M$ Office 2004 a few weeks ago and it has this neat feature which is the notebook. With the notebook it isn't really just a document, you can collapse sub-points when using bullets. It's really neat.

I don't know what I want to write here. Oh I got a cool picture of when Melissa, Rhoda, Braden and I went to the zoo from Pat's pictures. It's my background now. I finally replaced my photo of the mountains near Banff.

Well I will start working on my econ now.

Song: Yeah - Usher

Book: Lots.