Wednesday and today

So far today has been a pretty good day even though it wasn't very productive. I went to class this morning knowing that one of my classes was cancelled, and that was good. However, it left me with two two hour breaks instead of the normal one. I got home from my second class of the day and checked my e-mail and my only e-mail told me that the only class I had left in the day was cancelled. It was great. Anyway, after that I didn't accomplish anything and in 15 minutes I am going downstairs to referee dodge ball then play dodge ball.

I wanted to talk about how annoying people are the other day but then I didn't get around to writing it up. There was the dickhead sitting beside me in Economics on Wednesday afternoon. I was sitting on the end of the row and he was sitting in the seat right next to me and he kept hitting me with his elbow while he was writing. He had a binder that was open on his desk which hardly fits my clipboard. Even when he looked at me and saw that his binder was hitting my desk, he kept writing in the same manner. He didn't seem to care at all.

The the other thing that happened on Wednesday was these two people sitting behind me in LA ST. Originally they were talking about how much rent and how big their student loans are. Then one of them said he wanted to go on an exchange and thought it was a really cool idea. (I give him that much intelligence, though it may have only been a flash.) But the downside was that he would have to take... FIVE classes per semester *GASSSPP* in his last year, and that "would be really really hard, because" he's only been taking 3 so he has time to socialize. IDOIT.

Song: Fly Away - Black Eyed Peas