Tuesdays are useless

It seems that Tuesdays are really just my day off. I never seem to accomplish much on them. Today I managed to read a bit for LA ST and a chapter for BLAW. I mean, I've read up to the right point in all but one of my classes, but that other class has an awfully boring textbook. I'm not that far back in it though, so I'm not worried.

I started to read about the 2000 Mexican election for my LA ST paper, and it was interesting but I just wasn't in the mood to be reading it yet. Oddly, I will probably be really happy to read it on Thursday, and that's just fine for now. Also, I need to start collecting more ads for my discourse analysis project, and I need to set up some categories for it.

I found out today that I don't like explaining things to people. Especially when they chose not to see/read the thing that they want explained. It seems silly to me that I feel this way but I do.

I'm sure there were more important things that I wanted to write about but I can't remember them.

Song: Spin - Lifehouse

Book: See Below