Weekend Over Again

This weekend has been interesting. Friday night Heather and I went to 2 Henday to hang out with people most of whom were drunk. However, it was unexpectedly fun. I managed to go to bed at like 4 or something like that. I left the floor after an abandoned beer was spilt all over Justin's pant legs.

I had set my alarm because I wanted to watch the Gonzaga basketball game on Saturday morning, but just after my alarm went off my dad called and came over to visit. We had lunch at Boston Pizza and walked around the university area. Later on Saturday night after playing poker for a bit, a bunch of us went to Scholars for drinks and the proceeded to Squires to meet up with more people. I'm not sure when we left but I didn't fell like taking a cab home since it was only 20 some blocks away, so naturally I walked. I hung out on 2 Henday again until around 4.

Today, I finally finished writing my Latin American Studies paper. It was actually nice. I got up and wrote a page then had a shower and went for breakfast. (By this time it was about 1 p.m. even though I had gotten out of bed at around 11.) I proceeded to finish my paper and then I watched stupid TV for a few hours. My book had a funny line it today. It was "if you correlate tool discovery with the species of creature most often found nearby, you would have to conclude that early had tools were mostly made by antelopes." Now I should really go to bed. Or else I will be tired tomorrow and won't get anything done all day.

Song: Say it Ain't So - Weezer, I'm Sorry - blink-182

Book: So close to being done the one I have been reading.