Crappy crappy crappy with a tiny good

Being so close to finishing my paper is quite irritating, mostly because I can't think of how I want to write the summary section. I have much of the conclusion and comparison sections done. It also doesn't help that I slept in today until 2, so basically when I was starting my day it was already getting really dark. And now at 8, it doesn't look a whole lot different outside than it did when I got out of my luke-warm shower.

The booster pump in my building has broken or is malfunctioning. This means that there is very little hot water. Though we think that they still have hot water on the lower floors (1 and 2) of the building. I got up yesterday and had one of the coldest showers that I've ever had. Then I had a much warmer one later in the day after my last game of dodge ball.

I don't really mind exams, but the time leading up to exams and the end of classes always bugs me the most. This is because everybody goes around saying they can't do anything because they will be studying and then they almost all end up talking on MSN or the phone to each other saying they can't get anything done, but should go out in case by some miracle of... Oh I don't know... magic, they actually start studying. Of course, both parties know they won't get anything done, and it wouldn't make any difference in the world if they actually did go out.

The other thing that has been bugging me for a while and probably will bug me forever, is when people sit on the TV guide channel waiting for it to cycle through the 200 channels that it lists shows until it gets back to the beginning. This is such a waste of time, they know there isn't really anything worth watching on TV because there rarely is and chances are if there was something worth watching then you just missed it while you were watching a re-run of Friends, that you've seen twelve times, or a movie that you just watched last night on TBS. It's no wonder there are ads on the TV Guide channel, the audience watching is not smart enough to flip the channel.

I did accomplish something good this weekend; I printed off my Latin American Studies paper about the Mexican election of 2000. (Before I would write the 2000 Mexican elections, and everybody would say why all of them. Obviously that wasn't what I meant but if people choose to read it that way I will cater to their intelligence level.) I put in all the things that needed to be changed, made sure that all my references were cited properly and printed it off once and for all. It was great to know that I don't have to think about it anymore. I really only printed it because it was convenient to do so, not because I'm afraid that my printer would stop working or anything like that. I also listened to CBC Radio yesterday. I set my alarm to turn on the radio at 10 instead of an alarm because in the recent past I have just turned on my alarm on Saturday and gone back to sleep, but the radio isn't annoying. I listened to a bunch of shows that I had never heard before, most of them were pretty good.

Right, the last thing that I hate is the people who work in the Marina, which is one of the food places downstairs. They seem to have trouble understanding that if two people order the same thing that the person who ordered first should get it first. Perhaps they forget that the buyers can see them and they know when their order doesn't come up first, but this shouldn't matter because in a restaurant it is proper to serve orders in the order they were received. The other problem with the place is that comments aren't really taken into account. Comments are posted on the wall but they are almost exclusively things like "why don't you have slurpees" or "you did a good job today", and they have little responses like "we are fixing the slurpee machine" or "Thank you". Anyway on the whole outsourcing food services at the university to Aramark was probably the worst decision the university could have made as they are only really accountable to themselves and not really to the university. Comments can't be made to Ancillary services about how bad service or food is because they don't care, they just see the situation as them saving the university money. At least at U of C when the food was crappy the people managing the catering or whatever were accountable.

Song: Comin' Back Soon - Crash Test Dummies, Walk of Life - Dire Straights, Island in the Sun - Weezer

Book: none, as I don't have any new ones and probably should be reading textbooks