Last Classes

I have officially finished my classes at the U of A and it's quite nice. My classes yesterday weren't that bad actually, and my last class was only 15 minutes long. Last night a bunch of people decided they were going to drink but I didn't really feel like walking to the liquor store in the -16 weather, so I didn't drink. I watched TV with Heather for a while. We watched America's Next Top Model, which is really one of the dumbest shows that I watch on TV. I was going to say dumbest on TV but that's a really strong assertion knowing the kind of dirt and grime that gets played these days.

I have four exams to write next week, Monday, Wednesday and two on Thursday, Though they are in the wrong order. The one I have to study for least is first and the ones I want to study for more are on the same day. Oh my one on Wednesday is in the afternoon (we can only have exams at 9 AM or 2 Pm here) so it's like I have 3 exams in a row. I'm sure it will be fine.

I'll sign off for now, but no promises that I won't be back later this afternoon to write more and more and more.

Song: Firewater - Yellowcard, Comin' Back Soon - Crash Test Dummies

Book: I'll read when I'm done exams