Home again

Here I am at home in Calgary.

Sitting in my room, which is a bit of a mess due to me having more stuff than I think I should. It's gotten better than when I started this morning. I have a large amount of paper to go to the recycling and a bag that has some things that can't be recycled in this city for the trash.

Fido doesn't want to change my phone number for free even though I have moved to a different city. However, I can use my phone without having to pay roaming charges but people can't call me without calling long distance. I refuse to pay $25 to get a new number. I will switch to another company before I pay.

I am negotiating with my family about possibly getting a different room because the piano is in this room and my sister uses it to practice and I had to get up earlier than I wanted to today because she needed it.

I think I will finish working on my room. I will post later again.

Song: Re:volution by Coldcut