Lazing around

As the normal way for me to have Christmas, I didn't get to sleep until almost 4 A.M. despite me going to bed by 2.15. I almost got out of be at like 3.30 to write about it on here, but decided that I wouldn't get to sleep for sure if I did that. So I got up about 10, which was a bit early but we wanted to exchange some gifts at home before going to dad's for brunch.

The brunch was quite good. Waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage and cinnamon knots. Then some more gift exchange. We played some board games and built a foosball table that we gave to dad. That was quite a long process and probably the outcome of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Once set up it was fun, except that the table was really prone to sliding around the hardwood floor. I'm sure there is a simple solution to that.

Back home for dinner and lounging in the living room. Dinner was really good, and I'm sure I will be eating turkey for the next week. Partially because there is lots left and that everybody is going up to St. Albert for a visit and I will be left here to hold down the fort. And if that includes eating too much turkey then I am willing to do my duty to the fort.

It started snowing about when we left dad's which was nice since it is never snowy here on Christmas Day. It is still snowing now, and there is a heavy snowfall warning so there will be snow to shovel in the morning.

I bought a digital camera last night. I decided to take advantage of the boxing day sale when it started at midnight Pacific time this year. I got a Fuji E550, which seems from the reviews I have read to be a very good camera, especially for the price. It even includes NiMH rechargable batteries, so all I need now is to get a bigger memory card. I'm really looking forward to having a good digital camera.

I think that is all for Christmas Day. I hope all of you had excellent and Merry Christmases.

Song: Derniere Danse - Kyo, When I go out With Artists - Crash Test Dummies