Shaun of the Dead and Touch of Pink, those are the movies that were watched tonight, at least at Jamie's. The first being quite funny, and now I understand where the "there's no 'I' in 'team' but there is in 'pie', 'meat pie'" thing came from. The second was kind of painful and so-so, though it did have its moments. Not saying that it is a bad movie but it wasn't my favorite. I liked Bollywood/Hollywood much better and it was supposedly not a good movie, perhaps I forget what it was like and just remember liking it when I didn't, I have done that before.

I found this quite amusing line on this blog I was reading today:

michael's [store full of weird blobs of fake wax fruit that more often than not have teeth marks in them from wee children, and other craft supplies]

My favorite part is the teeth marks. I don't even remember why I was reading the blog. It probably was something to do with looking at people's blogs who had the same book interests as I do.

Anyway, it is late and I should go to bed. I hope that I get a job in the first few days of the week because it will make me feel much better. I have to remember to look up where my First Aid and CPR course is this weekend. Well I know it is at the university and presumably in Campus Rec, but precisely where I do not know.

Song: Holiday - Weezer, Mr. Blue Sky - ELO