that talking thing

The presentation about Athabaskan languages was neat, and it did fulfill my 'worthy topics' designation. It did so by re-interpreting the use of an acoustic feature for the phonological analysis. But most of you either don't care about that or might not understand it, so I will move on.

I read a bunch today after, I cleaned out one of the drawers in my kitchen. It is called the everything drawer, and it gets filled with basically anything that you can think of. It was kind of disorganised, as such a space would often be. It was also hard to get open because things were getting stuck upright instead of on their sides. But there is no need to worry anymore because I cleaned it and you can all open it without difficulty.

I think that is all for now but I will probably write something later.

Song: Prohibido Olvidar - Ruben Blades