a real-ish post

While I was working today I was thinking about how much I like going to school. It seems crazy but sitting in class and writing quizzes and assignments make me happy. School is relaxing. I know that probably seems like a backwards idea but that is how I feel.

Today, I wrote a 5 minute quiz in my tutorial and then saw a sign saying that I had to select my 2nd year Engg program choices soon, so I did that. Civil, Geomatics, Electrical. It was a toss up between Mechanical and Electrical for third though I'm fairly certain that I will get my first choice. I just want my course to be done now so that they will send me a letter so I know if I'm going to school in Engg/Ling in the Fall or just Ling. I have been told that I'm Ling regardless, which is sort of nice though I don't really want to do that on its own. I still can't figure out which 10 courses they will use for my transfer GPA. Oh well.

I should stop this now and go to bed.

Song: Annie - Vanessa Carlton, Too Young - Phoenix
Book: The Economist - back issues