election hype by the media fuels unhappiness among the people

If they make me vote I will not vote for the Conservatives. I might even vote for the Liberals because well the government has changed since the Sponsorship thing ended. So has the Prime Minister, and much of the cabinet. I don't think the Conservatives will win if they cause an election before the Gomery inquiry is complete because they will make it clear that they are just working on a witch hunt in order to gain power, and that they don't care about what actually went on.

However, that being said I don't mind my MP because he was elected by the most educated riding in the whole country and one of the closer Alberta ridings. He even supports the gay marriage legislation that doesn't seem to be moving at all through Parliament because all any "news" organisation reports on is the inquiry.

I do like voting and having a choice but a better electoral system would be nice so my vote counted more. I am fairly positive that The Conservatives will NOT institute electoral reform beyond spending more taxpayer money on elections by instituting Senate Elections, or at very least trying to since if I remember correctly some rules are written into the constitution and may only be changed by the formula.