I'm back... not that I went anywhere.

I am currently in the process of cleaning off my desk which has become more and more hidden since I got it. There are so many little papers and library CDs among other things.

So what have I been up to in the last week and a half. Lots, I just haven't written about it. The last Wednesday of April, I went up to Edmonton after work and got Heather and moved her out of Lister. Oh before that I got a really good falafel from Pita's Plus Donair on 27th Street NE just south of 32nd Avenue (At least I am pretty sure it is 27th, it is the first street after you cross Barlow Trail). I talked to some people from my old floor for a bit, and that was fun. Maybe one day I will see them again, or maybe I won't, who really knows. There was really crazy snow that night just as we got to about Crossfield until, no joking, exactly the Calgary City Limits. It was a little suspect.

Thursday night, I didn't watch The OC.

Friday, Heather and I went to this contemporary dance thing with Meghan and Co. for Meghan's birthday. It was fun. Though a little odd.

Fastforwarding a few days later. Last Wednesday was my last day at te lab because I was starting a job at the University Club. I have worked at the Club for 3 shifts now and it has been pretty good. Except that today when I was doing really well at keeping up with the event dishes and the kitchen ones the dishwasher stopped working and about 3/4 of the lights and appliances in the kitchen too. So I had to resort to only scrubbing pots and stacking them for when the dishwasher worked again. So I spent much of the afternoon stacking dirty plates so that I could quickly and easily load them into racks tomorrow to run them through the washer.

I'm not exactly the dishwasher, my title is kitchen helper. I do quite a bit of dishes but I also do cooking things. I trayed bacon today for a while when I got there and shelled shrimp. I also have the great job of taking the cardboard (not a bad thing) and the garbage (a smelly thing) down to the loading docks. It isn't that bad, though the trash compactor room smells quite bad. The service elevator is anything but fast. It takes like 45 seconds to 1.5 minutes for the doors to close after I get into it, while going down, regardless of whether I push the door close buttons or not. And I have to remember the key to the elevator otherwise I would have to walk up the stairs from the 3rd floor to the fourth, while hauling with me a cart, which wouldn't be that fun.

Heather and I walked to London Drugs yesterday because the 73 passed while we were on the wrong side of the street yesterday. I called the Transit number right away and it informed us that the 73 would arrive in 3 minutes, almost right but not. We decided to walk instead of waiting for the next bus that came in 27 minutes. We beat the bus to LD by about 30 seconds. We then walked to Northland Village because I wanted to go to FutureShop. I found a DVD home theater that was nice and on discount, but didn't get it as I didn't really think it would be nice to carry it to wherever we would go after that. Probably a good plan, as we proceed to walk to Market Mall from there. It was a nice day of walking. It wasn't too warm or too cold out, though a bit windy a few times. Heather found some nice pants and I didn't find anything.. wait I did. I found this red jackety thing at Bootlegger, which was like 66% off, but it wasn't quite the right size. They only had 2 mediums and a large, the large was almost a good fit but it just didn't seem right.

We then got a ride home from my mum, a nice change from walking. I decided that the DVD thing should be bought so we popped over to FS to get it and then came back to my house. Almost immediately going to Heather's where we watched Wilby Wonderful, though I think I fell asleep for a few parts since I feel like I missed them.

As I said before, I worked today. Anyway, Now I have to go take my mum's library books back so I will have to cut this off now. I'm sure there are many other things that I didn't write about, I might write about them later. I do plan to write more often again.

Song: Plea From a Cat named Virtue - The Weakerthans
Book: The Schwa was Here