tv, fish, alligator, frog legs

A TV antenna on top of a fish tank with a blue light.

Why is it that you can tell if people have their TV on at night because there is a blue glow to their room? Is the glow still blue on a black and white TV?

Oh well. I went for wings tonight with Heather. They were good and our server was much better than the time I went with Caitlin, Batoul and Company. Then we had ice cream at her place. At work today I had tempura frog legs, which weren't all bad, and tempura alligator, which was really really chewy.

My mum got me a new biking jersey yesterday and a water bottle. Al I need now is a new lock that can't be opened with a bic pen. I accidentally dropped my lock key under my bike the other day when I was at work all day and only realised when I got out and couldn't find it. I then looked at the ground and there it was under my bike, had been all day.

I should get to bed because I was kind of tired today. And I can still get like 8 hours of sleep if I go soon.

Song: Songs from Watermark EP - The Weakerthans
Book: The Schwa was Here (I haven't read in like a week)