my weekend of doing things, mostly fun, not many productive.

Yesterday, Heather and I went to Banff for a hike around Vermilllion Lakes. It was a nice hike though a bit short. However, the road into the hike makes up for the shortness of the trail. I suppose we could've continued around the lake further but we didn't. We then went up to the Cave and Basin to see the tropical fish. And we also when to Bow Falls, which were as loud as they usually are and it rained a bit there, just like every time I go there. It was fun day there.

I hadn't really done anything else all weekend. Went for falafels on Friday night at Pita's in the NE and picked up my new Weakerthans CD from Purolator. I don't remember what else we did.

Saturday, I spent a long time waiting for my brother to get out of his doctor's appointment. My sister and I sat in the car listening to music and reading for a long time waiting. Later I went to the mall to get my other sister form work, and there were so many stupid people in the mall. I don't mean specific ones I mean most of the people who were there because it was really really nice out and they were all shopping. I would not have been there if I wasn't picking somebody up, I would've stayed far away from the place.

I watched a funny movie last night, The Delicate Art of Parking. It was good, despite what people say about all Canadian movies.

I don't understand why the fuck nobody calls me anymore. Well I guess they're assuming I'm doing stuff with Heather but if they never phone how the fuck do they know that. Yet they talk about not having friends to do stuff with. Just because Heather is here doesn't mean I can't do anything. I can do stuff alone if you want or we can all hang out because Heather doesn't demand 100% of my attention at all times, she likes doing things with people too.

Song: Some BNL song from upstairs