the car had a bad day, thankfully none of us were driving

My mum's nice red car had a rough day today (yesterday if you are Meghan and reading this.). In the morning after my sister had parked it and started work a trailer hit it in some way. The first two pictures here are of that damage.

front damage

This is a close up of part of the front damage. Yes, that metal is ripped through like a mangled can of tomatoes.
damage close up

Then later in the day just as my sister was coming out from work, there was a police car beside the car and another vehicle had hit the back right of the car. Apparently, there is more than the scratch that appears in the photo below, but that is all I noticed when I was looking at the car in the dark, with only my bike headlight for light.


So, it was an exciting day for the poor car that was just sitting there in the parking lot all day taking a beating. At least, my sister is at fault for anything, which makes it all a tad better, though not much. It does still have to get fixed regardless who is at fault. My sister said one of the police officers told her that she should buy a lottery ticket because something good would probably have to come out of the day.

Song: Benediction - The Weakerthans (he just said all our accidents... how fitting)