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I don't really have anything to write about today. I got off work early and somebody else finished my dish washing for me. I did some errands this afternoon, just the library and some stores for things such as milk.

Last night, I hung out with Heather and Lisa. We just got some slurpees and came back to my house and chatted.

I got part of the way through my book then decided that I didn't like it enough to keep reading. So right now I don't really have any books from the library. Though, I do have a few magazines. I went to the renovated Nose Hill library, it is much nicer than before but also louder. You can hear the beeps from the check-out computers everywhere, gets a tad old very fast.

That's really all. I called the MRC bookstore today, but the person I wanted to talk to wasn't available, so I just left a message and hopefully that will be arranged. I got an e-mail from the Social Science faculty today responding to some of my questions, and telling me to be patient, but that I probably wouldn't be admitted until the transcript deadline, which I think changed because I read that it was the 15th of June not the 30th. So, I guess I have to wait at least another week. Oh and the Faculty of Engineering was renamed the Schulich School of Engineering yesterday because Mr. Schulich donated $25 million to the faculty, and that value was matched by the Government of Alberta, so the department can finally catch up on its needs.

Song: Chancellor - Gordon Downie