a day

Last night we went and got free Starbuck's because the Brentwood one was being renovated and the girl there was handing $5 card to people who tried to go to that location, so Linds took us to the Dalhousie one and we had drinks. I liked my Iced Green Tea better than that stupid Green Tea Frapaccino crap. Who in their right mind would sweeten their green tea. It is so good just plan.

I got to go to the dentist today. It wasn't too bad. They didn't have to scrape that much and my teeth were all clean afterwards. Then I went to bother those at the university who would like to see me wait to know if I get into engg/ling or just ling. Anyway, I found that it was only the engineering people who would make me wait the Social Science lady who deals with Linguistics said that my 3.5 was plenty higher than the 2.0 required to get into ling. I went to the Engg office and the girl there told me it was closed even though the door was open and the hours on the whiteboard outside said they were open and that advisors were in. She told me that my file was being reviewed and that means that it would probably be another week or two, what a load of bullshit.

Maybe Harvey Weingarten should make the university's sprawling bureaucracy less expansive, that would cut the costs of the university significantly, rather than trying to nickel and dime the departments he doesn't like to death.

Alright well that's enough.

Song: As Lovers Go - Dashboard Confessionals
Book: Spoken Here - Mark Abley