before the turkey day

There goes another week. The best part of this one is that it leads into a 3 day weekend. That's right 3 days of sleeping in. This is really helped by the fact that I work at night on Sunday and Monday, when I could've been put on for the daytime.

I like how I only have two assignments to do this weekend. My excel isn't due until a week Monday and the other one is due this coming Tuesday. However, the other one was an easy little circuits one. That class is sort of boring, the prof goes a bit too slow for my liking and since he knows almost nobody else uses the overhead projector he just stops his examples partway through when time is done and starts at the same place on the projector the next class, two days later.

Squash didn't go so well today. I lost all 5 games that were played, but 2 of them were close and went to extra points. It is about time for me to get a new racquet. I'm not sure if I want to buy one at the university or somewhere else. I haven't ever bought a racquet, the one I use presently was bought by my parents at a silent auction, and before that I used an old school wood one that was either my mum's or my uncle's.

Tonight, I'm hanging out with Jamie, Rhoda and maybe Heather. It should be a good time, watch a movie, play some games. I'm hoping that I can find a matinée of Wallace and Gromit this weekend because I actually want to go see it. Though I could settle for seeing it next week.

That's really all for now.

Song: Take Me as I Am - Wyclef Jean
Book: How Soccer Explains the World