falling back

I can't believe that it is Saturday already. It seems like yesterday it was Tuesday and my class was probably failing its probability midterm. My circuits lab didn't take that long yesterday. They kept telling us that it would be a really long lab, but we only took 2 hours and like 10 minutes and we were the second group in our room to leave. Apparently, I know how to set up circuits on those solderless breadboards, or as my other group members thought they were called shoulderless breadboards. I'm really not sure why they thought that but it was funny anyway.

Time falls back tonight, which is always nice as it could mean an extra hour to study for the two midterms at the start of this week, but it will more likely mean an extra hour of laying in bed. In other news of today the shoe Go is back on CBC Radio One on Saturday morning. The only problem with it is that it is a good thing to listen to while not getting out of bed.

I was sitting at my computer the other night and it occurred to me that there was a t-shirt website that I wanted to look at, I didn't remember the name but found it eventually. It was Threadless.com. Of course, now I'm going to buy some cool t-shirts from the site.

Sound: CD drives installing Creative Suite and Go on CBC.
Book: How Soccer Explains the World