only two more...

We finally got our probability marks back today, not that we really wanted them. I found out that I can't get more than 77% in the class. This may or may not be such a bad thing because I think lots of people are in the same boat as me. I refuse to get a bad mark in that class so I'm going to know statistics inside and out. Oh I did get class average on the midterm, though that happened to be 15/32. I'm fairly certain that is the lowest grade I have received, in about forever.

My AMAT midterm didn't go as well as I had hoped, though there were only two questions that I did wrong and I set them both up right so hopefully the part marks will be flowing in my direction. One of them I omitted a negative sign which made the problem unsolvable and I wrote this on the exam. "Oops, I seem to have lost a term along the way." Hopefully they will acknowledge that I knew my solution was wrong. Then the other question was this monster that I had to do the integral of cosecant which I certainly didn't remember at the time. I occurred to me on the bus that it was ln|-csc(x)cot(x)|, but that was a little late.

Tomorrow night is circuits and I think if I pay attention to what I am doing then I will be fine. If I stop paying attention and just do then I drop negatives and make the sq.rt. of 4 equaling 4 (I guess most of you wouldn't get that, it's from an AMAT quiz in first year. I put that as my answer for some god awful reason.) Friday is the last midterm: ENCI. It should be straight-forward we have learned about a few areas of civil engineering and a bit on ethics and that is what the questions will be based on.

I really have to get my Access database worked out tomorrow or Thursday afternoon because I don't want to deal with it on the weekend. I just want to hang out and work. Well I'm not sure about wanting to work. I'm not against work because it means I will eventually get paid for the time and be able to do other more fun things with the money.

In good news, it is almost reading days. The fake holiday that we get because Remembrance Day falls during the academic year. It would've been nice to have it before the midterms but then again, I'm not sure I would've done anything productive had it been. This way I can catch up on thing during it and maybe even get ahead, but I doubt the second part will happen.

Song: T' Hatch Says "Round Ev'ry Corner" - P:ano
Book: How Soccer Explains the World