shirts and cool... and other not as fun stuff.

Alright well things seem to be more organised than I thought they were. I have done all the pre-quiz practice questions for Statistics, which is way more than I can say for the probability section of the course. Hopefully this quiz will go significantly better than the ones from probability.

I wrote a bunch of my STAS paper today during my break, but then my laptop battery was getting low so I had to give up on that effort. I looked this evening and found out that I got 9/10 on the last reflection paper for that class, which was a nice surprise. I guess writing all those silly linguistics paper paid off after all. I guess it helped me at UofA too on my LAST Mexico paper.

I got a couple of cool t-shirts from I have pictures of them posted on the site here. And I bought another one today, it is the My Pet Human one. Yay, new shirts.

I should get to bed, I have a quiz tomorrow then I have to do a bunch of other work. I get to go to the Flames game on Friday.

Song: Hurt - Johnny Cash, Life, In a Nutshell - Barenaked Ladies
Book: What's the Matter with Kansas? - Thomas Frank