one of the last before the study times

Another weekend has passed and it was eventful.

Friday night, Heather and I went to the bad Flames game. Almost all the Chicago goals were the same 2 on none with most of the flames in front of the bench. After that, we met up with Jamie and hung out for a little.

Saturday, Heather and I went to the racquet store and I bought a new squash racquet. It's really nice and about forty billion times lighter than my older one... well maybe not that much lighter. I played some squash this afternoon, just hitting the ball around on my own and the racquet was great.

Later on Saturday I went to work where there was an event in MacHall that I had to take care of guest parking for. It wasn't too bad. I talked to Sheona and a couple other people (who I hear are engaged). They got me to work an hour later than usual so I spent some time in the residence lots and I think it paid off.

I hung out with Jamie and Heather for a while after work and then Heather and I came to my house. Sunday, was mostly uneventful. I worked on my Access lab a bunch and hope that I can figure out how I want to separate the tables for that tomorrow afternoon. I really don't want to still have anything to do on it come the weekend. My aunt and Heather were over for dinner, then Heather and I went to Safeway to get her some groceries.

That's about all from the weekend. Tonight, I worked and it was productive.

Song: These Apples - Barenaked Ladies, Aside - The Weakerthans
Book: What's the Matter with Kansas (like 20 pages left so close to being done)