access away

I spent four hours yesterday in the Civil computer lab. It was a thrill. However, I am very nearly done my Access assignment. It was time well spent. I also helped a few other people start on their way, but I'm sure they will be in the lab all weekend slogging through it. This week I have spent so much time sitting in front of Access getting nowhere. Oh well, it is basically done now. On to circuits, which is half done.

Last weekend I bought a new squash racquet, but I think I said that already. It was nice to play with much nicer than the old ones.

Last night, my sister and I went to Heather's for nachos and empanadas. It was a good dinner. Then the three of us went to Eau Claire to see RENT. It was pretty good.

Song: Aside - The Weakerthans, T. Hatch Says "Round Ev'ry Corner" - P:ano
Book: Neither Here Nor There - Bill Bryson

[It wanted to replace "empanadas" with "impending"]