electin' and the plan

So we get to go electin'. That should be a fun time. In my Science and technology class today we discussed whether online voting would increase voter turnout. Most of the class thought so. I didn't really think it would because I think most people don't vote because they don't care and not because it is inconvenient. Heck, it's an excuse to leave work for up to an hour if you didn't manage to vote at another part of the day. I think for lots of people that in itself could be a reason to vote.

I was happy to see that there was a new Liberal candidate in my riding, but I don't foresee this making much of a difference Jim Prentice will likely win because he is under the Conservative banner and not because he is qualified and no Stephen Harper. Unfortunately, the Liberal candidate's profile is blank it just has his name, no picture or short bio or anything. I would think they would have these things in order before elections started as to be ready from the start rather than not.

I wonder what would happen in the riding if no Liberal ran... Oh well, I'm sure they will run somebody because if they didn't then well that's just one more seat that they can't get by default. (I'm a little hazy as to how that is different from normal, but that's not important.)

My grand plan is to finish all my papers/assignments before next week so I can take the week off and just chill before I should start studying for exams. Unless of course my Civil exam gets moved to the last day of classes in which case I will study for that but That shouldn't be too hard if it is anything like the midterm.