On the second page of the Globe and Mail today there is a thing about Jon Stewart talking about the calling of the election on the Daily Show from Tuesday night. It was an amusing piece, except for the part about his root canal, the author's not Jon Stewart's.

Also there is an interesting article by John Ibbitson, who normally isn't exactly who I would agree with. He talks about how the has really earned the attention that it is still not getting from the media or voters. Then again it would seem that many voters are being scared into voting Liberal or Conservative to stop the other form getting elected when that isn't always the main competition. There are many ridings in the country where the real race is between the NDP and the Conservatives. This does seem a bit off to me but, I can imagine why it might happen.

I tried to order a lawn sign for my house but that didn't work out, the server had an error. Oh well, I guess I might try again another day.

I have finished most of my work for the next two weeks, not including studying. I did my STAS project this afternoon and hopefully it is long enough but I think I could expand it a bit if necessary. I also did my circuits assignment, which took a bit long than I thought it would, but at least it is done. That will be handed in tomorrow so that I don't have to answer other people's questions on Monday and it will be gone. My last circuits lab is tomorrow. Apparently, it doesn't take that long to do but then I still have to stay at school to work at 5pm. I think I will do my Maple assignment for math. The only annoying part of that is I have to figure out where to fill my engineering computer account with money so that I can print the thing. At some point I should really do my access lab. Perhaps tomorrow after work, but I doubt it.

In other news, Heather and I went to the NE to get good shwarmas but the place had new owners and it wasn't as good as before and it was more expensive. Oh well, I guess it was better than some that I have had, but it was no Marco's in SUB.

You all should watch Rick Mercer Report on Tuesday nights on CBC. It is quite funny. This past week he went to the oil sands and operated heavy equipment and found out that he could get $12 -13/hour to start at Tim Hortons. Anyway, it's funny.

Anybody who read this happen to have taken LING 441 at UofC recently? Is it a pain and a lot of work or is it relatively easy like LING 341?

Song: Upward Over the Mountain - Iron & Wine, Saint Simon - The Shins