since then

The semester is coming to a close, and that's excellent news. Not that I want to do my exams, but I don't have to get up so early to go to school. I actually didn't make it to my two tutorials on Tuesday morning because I felt like sleeping. My alarm went off and I decided that it was in my interest to set it for about an hour later. I did eventually get up 1h 45m after my initial waking, but that was mostly because I had to go mark group presentations in my science and technology class.

I had to work last Friday night, something that I haven't done for quite a while, and so I had a bunch of time in the afternoon to accomplish things on campus. I did my Maple computer assignment for my AMAT class. It didn't take nearly as long as I suspected it would. Then I had my final circuits lab, which was short as well. The machine was set up for us all we had to do was flip some switches and write some numbers down. Following that, I sat around MacHall until work started. It was a cold night, but not quite as cold as Saturday night when I also had to work.

Saturday night, Heather and I watched . It was a special movie but the Rock was quite funny as the gay bodyguard. Though, I still haven't run into anybody who has seen Get Shorty, which it was apparently a sequel of. Sunday I think I accomplished something useful. Oh, I went to Jamie's and we watched Scorpion King, because we wanted to watch a stupid movie.

This week has been kind of lazy. Though, I did work last night while hanging out with Heather and then Jamie too. We watched Madagascar, which was so funny. I was also formatting and editing my group's paper. It was a special paper, but it is done. Now, I am just waiting for a couple references and then I can print it. Of course, I don't foresee the references arriving any time soon, and I want to go to bed. Unfortunately, I must attend my AMAT tutorial tomorrow so I can hand in my Maple assignment, which will probably cause one of my quiz marks to be dropped because I will get more than 8/10 on Maple.

As much as I don't like painting, I feel like I want to paint my room. However, despite making money at work I want to find some mis-tinted paint instead of choosing a colour and paying full price. Too bad Braden can't still get me cheap paint.

I can't wait until ENCI is finished on Friday. I will have the rest of the day and night to do nothing, then maybe on Saturday or Sunday I will start to do questions for circuits and AMAT. My science and technology readings would probably be a good thing to read, but that exam isn't until the 20th, so they can wait. I think my sign will be on my snowbank soon.

Book: Accidental City - Robert Fulford