hurt and fixed

There are blisters on my fingers. My group presentation was today. Though, those two things aren't related. I hurt my hands while fixing the drain in my shower. My drain snake got stuck on who knows what in there and so I kept having to twist it to dislodge it. I was even wearing gloves. I can't imagine what they would feel and look like if I hadn't been. Eventually it just came out when I pulled it a bit harder than recommended.

One of the people in our group made up a little skit for the start of our presentation so I did that because I didn't have to talk. I hate presenting on topics that I have limited knowledge like these "short-term" projects. I did fine with my long presentation in LING 509 at UofA because I had spent 9 days (well nights) working on the data and I knew what was going on in Swahili. Since then I haven't had to do a presentation and today wasn't different 3 out of the 7 of us presented and that worked quite well.

Tomorrow, I have my ENCI final. It should be fun. Actually, I'm not too worried. After that work is taking the traffic people out for Christmas lunch at the Ginger Beef buffet. Should be good.

Book: Accidental City
Song: The Places You Have Come to Fear - Dashboard Confessionals, Mr. Brightside - The Killers