semester ends

Quite a bit happened this weekend. I don't know where to start.

I had my ENCI exam on Friday and it went fairly well. Then I got taken out for lunch with people from work to Ginger Beef buffet in Brentwood. Later in the afternoon, Heather and I went down to 17th Ave. It was really quite windy. We really only went to a few stores, including American Apparel and Fair's Fair books. On the way back to Heather's we stopped in at MEC and looked at random things. We cooked up some nachos and empanadas. It was all very good food.

We then met Jamie on the bus and went to her house to watch a movie. But on the way to the bus we spotted some Mormon missionaries bent on converting all heathens in sight. We weren't really into that so I pulled us across the street and one of them crossed over to talk to us. He got through introductions and I said "No" to him. He kept talking and we kept walking. He only got through about one more sentence before getting the idea. If he hadn't I think I would've told him off and explained to him that I didn't care about his personal god and that he could go tell somebody else about him, but if he kept talking to me I would have to tell him about harassment. Anyway, we watched 21 Grams at Jamie's which wasn't how I remembered it. But it was good just the same.

Saturday, Heather went off to work and I went down to Kensington to find some presents for people. I got part of what I wanted to find. I went to work after that. It was a busy night. Afterwards, Heather came over and I organised some formulas so that I could make a sheet for my circuits exam.

Today (Sunday), Heather and I had yummy bacon on cheesebuns for breakfast. After a few hours, we caught the bus downtown so that I could get food before going to work. We ran in to Jamie on the bus, this time by accident. I proceeded to work after getting a quasi-good sandwich from Safeway. After work, I went to Jamie's where we watched Batman Begins. It was much less crappy that I had expected, but the DVD was scratched and I missed a few parts that Jamie sort of explained.

I think that is all for now. I need to get to bed so that I can accomplish something before work tomorrow.

Song: Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Book: Accidental City