exams are coming and going

I have completed one exam and I think it went well. There was one part of one question worth 4 marks (out of I'm not sure how many, 100 maybe) that I waved my hand at and really didn't answer, much like a politician. They get marks for not saying anything sometimes, perhaps I will too.

My next exam is tomorrow at It should be a good time. I have studied a bit. Maybe not as much as I should, but I am fairly certain I know what is going on for most of the concepts. I remember such useful things as Abel's Theorem and you know other things. I finally figured out why the prof was pulling numbers out of his butt for radius of convergence and I figure out how to determine if a critical point was stable, unstable or semi-stable. That last one was a great relief to figure out because none of the Profs or TAs had quite said it the way I needed to hear it. I figured it out from this little graph in my book.

After that I have STAS, which I haven't really started studying for and Statistics, which I have also done nothing for, but I think I can get at least Statistics done. I know what is going on in that class and all I have to do is the problems from one chapter and a couple old exams.

Last night after my exam, I decided that I would go and sit through the AMAT tutorial with the prof whose class I switched out of. It wasn't so bad. I actually learned a few things that will surely come in handy on the final. Also, he showed us a magic trick that was sort of neat and I'm sure most people could pull it off but for those who don't know it would be puzzling. Heather and I then watched Corner Gas from Monday. It was amusing. Afterwards, we watched the recap of the French election debate, which I couldn't have watched because I don't really get SRC on my TV (it is sort of snowy).

Today, Heather and I went on a short adventure to Market Mall to pick up a replacement contact lens for me, then to BestBuy. After a short period of studying Jamie invited Heather and me over for dinner. So of course we went and it was good. I have got a bit of studying done since coming home but I think it is time for me to go to bed.

Book: Accidental City
Songs: Hello City - Barenaked Ladies, Neighborhood #1 - Arcade Fire