here we go again...

Another exam has flown by. I did the first question wrong initially and then decided to skip it when I got to integration by parts. Turns out when I went back to it that integration by parts wasn't necessary and I had just done the step before wrong. This realisation made the question much easier. I also guessed on how on can do Euler equations but I don't think it was that wrong. I knew the basic method but was unsure about using variation of parameters to finish it. Oh well it is done and it was only worth 7 out 100 in total so that's cool if I lost part of those marks.

Later in the exam I somehow got an inverse L[4(s+1)] which I didn't know how to do from the given table. So I just left it and finished the exam. Now, I must read lots of articles for STAS.

Song: Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
Book: Accidental City, STAS readings