more holidays...

I have returned home from my dad's cabin and it was a nice few days away. Tuesday, we went to my dad's family Christmas in Ponoka. It was a crowded afternoon but good fun talking to people. I hadn't been to a family Christmas in a few years. Up at the cabin we watched a bunch of movies and played some games, including soccer behind the house. We also walked on the lake I am posting a bunch of pictures from there and on the highway. (Don't worry I was in the back seat taking the pictures while my dad drove.

Wednesday, I went to the mall with Kaarina and CB. I got the first season of Scrubs, actually that's my birthday present from my brother. Later, I got Jamie from work and we went over to David's to play Canada-opoly and have a few drinks. A good time was had.

Anyway, check out my photos on Flickr and gimme a call if you want to get together.

Song: It's All Gonna Break - Broken Social Scene
Book: A Short History of Progress - Ronald Wright