this past few

The past half week has been pretty good. It started with New Year's Eve. Heather and I watched a bunch of episodes from the first season of Scrubs and parts of the Flames-Oilers game. The Meghan came home and Jamie arrived and Meghan left and then it was eventually late and it was time to sleep.

New Years we played video games and were going to see a movie but then napped instead.

Monday morning, I got to work at 8 am it was not too bad. There were many more people at the university than I had anticipated. After work Heather and I met up at the library and then had a yummy dinner at Chili's. Later, we watched Ice Age at Jamie's.

Tuesday, I drove my sister down to Lethbridge to help her move into residence. It was an alright trip. The drive down was sort of annoying because I had to pas a bunch of grain trucks and they drove really close together. You really had to pass them two at a time because there wasn't enough room in between them to slip in. It was windy there but I knew it would be. We went to this huge dollar store and it made me feel cheap or something like that just being there, but that feeling was topped when we went to Wal-Mart. It was one of those big ones and there were so many people there, and the number of people there on a Tuesday afternoon sort of made me sad. We left earlier than my sister wanted, but our cousin agreed to drop off the things that were at her house for Kelda, which was good until Kelda remembered that her bedding was in that stuff.

Her place was nice for a residence apartment and the storage closet was quite large for what it was. The bed was actually comfy, but we put her mattress on top anyway. The drive home was uneventful. There were few cars along the way from Fort Macleod to Calgary. We went to Ikea on the way up Deerfoot. I got a lamp for the living room of my house because our old one stopped working and I also got a comfy chair, a Poäng with an Alme Natural cushion colour.

Today, Heather and I went to the university to take a book to the used store and get me a parking pass. Then we went down to Chinook to find Heather some pants and a shirt. The mall was full of high school kids and Heather pointed out that many of the groups seemedexactlyy the same. The one kid with dreads looks like the first kid with dreads with the same looking friends. And this continued through the whole mall. After this we went for wings at Moose's and they were yummy but the service was crap. The same non-caring server that I had the first time I went there.

In the last week Heather and I have watched the entire first season of Scrubs and it was hilarious. The music is good too. Perhaps we will take longer to watch the second season, which I also bought. Unfortunately, unless I start remembering to watch it on Sunday afternoon on peasant TV, I will only be able to see it on DVD.

I think that is a good round-up for now. I will write more often starting now.

Song: Santa Monica - Bedouin Soundclash, Good Time - Leroy
Book: Starting Small Things Considered and finishing the last like 4 pages of A Short History of Progress.