course work should start soon

I'm currently sitting in the ICT building on the second floor and I'm waiting for a lab to start. I actually have no clue what is going to happen in the lab as I didn't get a course outline for this class because 99% of the class is the same as last semester. So, I have random things in my bag which make it heavy and I bet I won't use any of them. Oh well, better to have the things than not have them if I need them.

I dropped my Technical Communications class this morning to because I don't think I would be able to stand that prof all semester. His way of sitting at the front of the class and adding things to everything anybody says is irritating. Though I will have to take it eventually, I will avoid that prof as much as I can. I still have five classes, but I am told that the first year one I am taking will be the biggest waste of my life ever. Even more than ENGG 215 in my first year, which seems odd because this one has the same prof.

Like the title suggests, I should start doing course work soon, but of course that never seems to happen until assignments are almost due. Maybe I will change that this semester and start doing readings and problems sooner. However, I know I have planned to do this for 8 semesters and 3 spring/summer sessions and it has yet to occur, so I'm not holding on to hope.

My lab starts in 10 minutes so I think I will gather with the other people at the locked door. I don't know what is going to happen in the lab. I really thought they had to give out course outlines in all classes and it was my option to pick it up not their option to offer me one.

Oh well, more later, perhaps after work.

Song: Something Pretty - Patrick Park (From The OC: Mix 2)
Book: Small Things Considered (I am so tired of this book and if it wasn't for this class I wouldn't keep reading it)