semester continues

So far I have had a good weekend.

Yesterday was a good 3 hours of classes then the afternoon off. My mechanics of solids prof informed us that for our statics that "all forces sum to 12". Then he turned around and was like "did I say they sum to 12? I don't know why I said that it is zero". It caused a good laugh, even more so because some people didn't understand why they shouldn't sum to 12.

I went down to Kensington after that class to pick up a sketchbook for my engineering design lab. The "coach" (TA) of the lab asked why I didn't have one after a long thing to the lab about not liking excuses. I told her that I was in the class last semester and hadn't ever taken the pre-requisite course so I didn't know as they hadn't given a course outline the class before. She accepted my answer and said to bring one for the next lab. Unfortunately, they were fresh out in the bookstore and the lady I asked about them didn't tell me when they would get them in she just said they didn't have any and walked away, which made me sort of happy that I hadn't got the job at the bookstore because I would've had to work with her since she is a supervisor.

Heather took me to the Roughnecks game Friday night. The music before the game was unbelievably loud, even for lacrosse. The game was pretty good. Though I really wanted to cheer for the Edmonton Rush because they could make plays and didn't play like the Roughnecks, who played as if there were only ever two players out there. Also, the Roughnecks' shifts were about 5 seconds long, they were constantly changing. Oh well. There was this cute little kid a few rows down wearing a spongebob jersey, he had a teddy and a heman action figure, quite cute.

I worked today and it wasn't too bad. Then I went to the second half of the UofC and UofA basketball game. UofC won. It was exciting. Though there were hardly any students there, so it was disappointing. When I went to the game against UofC when I was at UofA there were tons of people there and it was -40 that night. So maybe there needs to be something done about the crappy attendance here.

So far it has been a fun weekend hanging out with Heather and such.

Song: Kissing the Lipless - The Shins
Book: Small Things Considered and I just started The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell