a ranting I go

I voted today. I had some time today and it was the last day for Advance Polls. So I thought why not vote now so that I don't have to fit it in next week. It was great, though I always have this little bit of desire to check off my candidate then look up at the instruction pictures and remember it must be an X. Of course I couldn't really figure out the next part which indicates that I should fold the ballot but the image looks like I should be folding it in another direction than the one that you receive it in. I really hope that you all plan to vote on Monday because I would be disappointed in you if you don't, even more so than if you vote for the Conservatives.

Working tonight was not too bad. It was really quiet, which was a complete change form last Monday night. I was quite tired all day because of getting home late and telling Heather stories on the phone. Apparently 6.30 a.m. is quite early, especially when you get to sleep after 1. I plan to go earlier tonight and I also get up later on Tuesdays.

I have spent almost $600 on books this semester and still have a couple lab manuals to get, which is annoying. It is sort of amusing because all except one of them are still in the bags that they came in and are laying on my floor. I actually used the other one today and did one of 6 questions for my tutorial on Thursday.

I was sitting in MacHall today before work and a girl game up with a clipboard and normally I would ignore her so that I didn't have to deal with whatever it was but it was a signature list in order to get smoking ban ordinances on the . It would be three questions. One about no smoking at any events in MacHall including concerts and I think the bars. The second was banning the SU from entering deals involving tobacco and preventing the sale of tobacco on campus (well MacHall but that is the only place you can get it now). And the third one was something tobacco related. Though I had actually been thinking about submitting something about banning smoking on campus as my student enrichment idea, but of course I was likely never going to actually sit down and write that.

Also, I was thinking about a no idling thing for campus including couriers, university vehicles and people in passenger zones. I don't understand what it is but people do not seem to have the ability to read signs. In many of the newer passenger areas on campus there are signs saying no idling and yet people idle. I can even go around while I'm working and ask/tell them to turn off their cars or move and they still won't but I can't give them a ticket for it. I think I would hand out many tickets for that if I could because they are usually screwing up the building air intake systems.

I wonder what we could do to make people more interested in things at the university and by things I really mean sports because every other year when the SU fees related to athletics come up people complain that they don't know about sports. They complain about paying for things that they never watch, but it is really a matter of choice, they could go to the games for free but they don't. Or they imagine that the more games they go to the less they had to pay for them. Once again, I note that at we had to pay to go to games and they were full of students. Anyway, I think I will try not to talk about this because I don't foresee me being able to do anything as I don't want to be part of the SU and despite having a basketball net and loud people shooting hoops all afternoon in MacHall last Thursday and Friday, the turnout wasn't great.

Don't you think that's enough seemingly random ranting for one day? I think it might be.
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