weekends are fun

This was a good weekend. Heather and I went to Madison's on Friday. The food was really good but the service was not good. I was done my food before the waitress came back to ask how our food was and I ate quite slowly.

Work was not too bad last night, afterwards Heather and I went to Jamie's to watch Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle. It was as funny as the first time, but it made me want to watch Van Wilder or Old School. However, as I don't own either of these I will have to wait and watch them at some point in the future when they are available.

Today, I had coffee with Tyson. It was nice since I haven't really talked to him since December and for months before that. Later in the afternoon/evening, I cleaned my room and re-organised. I moved my green cabinet into my newly reclaimed closet and no longer have my new chair in the middle of my room. Once my table and desk are actually fully clean I will post some pictures. (As if anybody cares what it looks like.)

Song: Slow Down - Nada Surf, Jenny Was A Friend of Mine - The Killers, Rude Boy Don't Cry - Bedouin Soundclash
Book: Hitching Rides with Buddha - Will Ferguson