work: materializing out of nowhere

Why does it seem like there are a million things to do when you can't seem to get just one or two things out of only a few done? I was having that kind of week until tonight when I got my Mechanics of Solids assignment done. My things that are due for my design class are done also, which was very nice. I had forgotten until recently how easy my classes at UofA were. Most of them only had a few papers, a midterm and a final. This left me with ample free time to watch TV and play games. I had forgotten because I thought there was always work that I just didn't do like in engineering but of course there wasn't. The only thing other than papers was the reading and I often skimmed that and that was good enough.

It feels like my classes are going slower and slower and yet we learn less and less in them. Oh well, I guess midterms are upcoming and then we will cover a million topics form then until the end of the year, which will only be a month later.

One day soon (ok like a month tomorrow) it will be after my midterms and shortly after that basketball will start and I will be happy.

Song: Clap Ur Handz - k-os
Book: The Rights Revolution - Michael Ignatieff