something awful this way comes

It is coming... Peoplesoft at UC. Today, somebody told me that I should cherish my next two paycheques because I might not get more for a while after that because Peoplesoft "goes live" at the start of March. They hadn't heard of many places where the system worked the first few pay periods after the switch. I remember that a few of my grad student friends at UofA hadn't been paid for a couple months after Peoplesoft started there. It doesn't really matter to me though I don't look at my bank account that often. In the summer, sometimes I would look at it and have had two pay periods pass since I had last checked on it, so as long as the cash reaches me eventually then that is fine.

This weekend will be busy with working on things. First, a lab and then a programming lab then some drawings for design. I think some midterm prep questions for another class and I imagine there are more things which I can't think of right now.

In related news, my group got an excellent grade on our progress report for out design lab, which was great. Is it bad that I dream of most of the lab failing and then not getting to be engineers? I don't think it is that bad since dreams that big rarely come true.

Song: Immigrant Workforce - Bedouin Soundclash, Minstrel Boy -
Book: The Rights Revolution - Michael Ignatieff