drawing is evil... at least with rulers

The last 3.5 hours of my time were spent drawing a picture for engineering design. I really wish there could be save points in real life drawing. I had the main part drawn when it occurred to me that I had done the legs of the thing too long and had to erase a bunch of stuff. That probably added 40 minutes to the endeavour. This of course is only part 1 of 5. 2-4 should be easier because they are just top, front and side views, involving much less 3D thinking.

The worst part of this is that I have to draw the 3D thing again. Well sort of the same thing, it has to be an "exploded" view next. All the parts will be separated so that I can compile a parts list and number them on the page.

In class today, I thought I could write all 50 US states. Of course, I couldn't but I did get to 49. I apparently couldn't remember Nebraska. Oh well, it was a nice use of time because the class was slow.

Song: Caribou - Pixies, Ride My Monster - Enter the Haggis
Book: The Rights Revolution