reading week is nearly here...

...just a quiz, a lab, a question of the week, a midterm, a drawing, a lab assignment and another lab between now and then.

I have done more work in the last 5 days then I have done since that time when my oral presentation for my seminar class was due in a week and I hadn't really started. I thought I had finished my programming lab today at lunch but of course I hadn't. I had skipped some important steps in checking if the numbers were actually valid, which was explicitly asked for in the assignment.

Friday, when I went to the mall to get a replacement contact for the one that I opened and had a hole in the middle, I found a very comfy sweater at Roots. Naturally, I bought it because I rarely find nice things at the mall. And I'm seriously considering getting a Canon D-Rebel XT.

I guess it is really time to get to bed so I can go to my quiz and lab tomorrow and not fall asleep in both like I almost did in my 3 classes today.

Song: One Great City! - The Weakerthans, Watermark - The Weakerthans
Book: The Polite Revolution - John Ibbitson