how long is 0.1 seconds?

Reading week started well on Friday afternoon. Heather and I had some good burgers she made and then went down to the 'Dome to see the Roughnecks play Edmonton. It was a good game. The guy we normally sit beside traded us his club seats for our seats because they had more people that usual or something and they all wanted to sit together. So we trekked to the other side of the place to get to our seats. The seats were really comfy, much cushier than our regular ones.

The game was really exciting with goals back and forth all the way until the end. Though Calgary had 23 more shots when it was all said and done they lost by a goal, scored with 0.1 seconds left in the game. Also, one of Calgary's goals the guy was in the crease and it shouldn't have counted but it did. Obviously, I was cheering for Edmonton. I was, afterall, wearing my UofA sweater. Anyway, it was a good game, but the announcer is still horrible and he doesn't seem to know what any of the referee signals mean because he will just say stupid things when they call penalties.

Saturday, Heather and I watched some Olympics before heading out to work. Work was busy last night because of the New Pornographers' concert, but I guess at least it took up some time and I made some money. Afterwards, I met Jamie and Heather at the train and we went to watch The Island at Jamie's. It was a terrible terrible movie and nobody should ever watch it. It, also, went on for a bit long.

Today, I woke up late and Heather and I went to the mall where we found nothing that we wanted. Later, we watched some Scrubs and I took her home. Now, I am deciding what work I feel like doing and wanting to complain about my profs who don't understand the spirit of reading week. It is designed so that people don't drop out/kill themselves and yet I only have two out of five classes where things aren't due next week. When they would have been due the week after, but the profs were like well you guys won't be doing anything anyway. Ignoring the fact that I have midterms in two of those classes the week after reading week and things due in one of the classes on the same day as the midterm. How stupid.

Song: (Manifest) - The Weakerthans, Living in Jungles - Bedouin Soundclash
Book: The Polite Revolution