passing week

Currently, I am reading my mechanics of solids book. I rarely read textbooks. Usually, I just skim through them looking for things that may or may not be important. However, the point has arrived where I'm still not sure what stress/strain they are asking me for in questions and the midterm is on Monday. I can solve for whatever they want, if it is clear which one they want, but they often want all possibilities. The book is written quite well, but it is boring. A good reason likely exists for why I would want to know these things so I guess I will learn.

Apart from this work, not much has been accomplished this week in the school arena. I did the first of 3 or 4 drawings for my design class, but it was the easiest one in two dimensions. Today, I did a handful of solids questions and waved my hands at thermodynamics. That textbook will just have to be read also because the exam is open book and knowing the text would be ideal.

Tuesday, Heather and I went on an adventure. First, Inglewood to see Crown Surplus and what else was along there. It wasn't a very inviting place to be. After that we went on that horrible road that is Deerfoot Trail. I don't enjoy driving on there. At the end of the Deerfoot adventure we at Ikea and I bought a new lamp to hang above my Ikea chair. It is a nice lamp and gives me a much better amount of light than my two large lights.

Peter's Drive-in was our next stop after that. I hadn't had such good onion rings in quite some time. Possibly since I hadn't had any since the last visit to Peter's. Westworld and Superstore came after that and then Canadian Tire. Later, we watched , it was better than that we watched earlier in the week, but not much.

It's been snowy the last few days.

Sound: Brit comedy on
Book: something new coming soon...