exams so far

Monday, I had my first exam of the season and it was pretty good. It was open book because there were piles of tables in the back of the book that we needed to use. They changed the given values in two of the questions. One of them I was glad they did because my final answer didn't make much sense, as most items cannot be 747% efficient. The other question was a bit stupid because I had to change a bunch of values.

Yesterday, I worked and that wasn't too bad. After that Heather and I watched Scrubs and Teachers. I didn't get much studying done yesterday but that was ok.

Today, I studied a bit after getting up late and organising my notes. Heather and I went on an adventure to Canadian Tire but didn't find anything interesting. We also got donair's from Jimmy's A & A. I haven't really accomplished much today but it seemed that my Saturday exam won't be hard because I have done almost all of the recommended questions.

That's all for now. If anybody wants to do something I will probably be free. I have to work tomorrow night and am planning on watching the Flames game on Friday night.