Mornings are early

Had another exam this morning. It was pretty good. Numerical Methods was the course and I think it went quite well.

It wasn't as great as the midterm because I couldn't check my answers on the exam. On the midterm 4/5 questions were straight forward enough that you could redo them with another method in order to check the answer, but alas only 1/4 on the final was that type of question. The last question I had a 3x3 matrix with 3 unknowns and I first tried to just isolate and solve but that answer didn't seem correct. So, I re-did it with by just reducing the matrix and that was much better it made a pretty answer that made sense. It was a symmetrical problem and the first way I did it my answers were not symmetrical.

I had a good night yesterday watching the hockey games... Though it is sort of sad that Edmonton lost after such a strong game but then again they have more days to play still.

Song: Go Home - BNL, Just a Toy - BNL
Book: The Tale of a City