Back in business

Here I am... Still alive. I know you were all worried. Today, I finally got my last two marks back. I got A, A-, A-, B and B this semester, which is crappier than I was hoping but at least they were B rather than something lower. I expected to do better in one of the classes but the other one is fine. I guess my drawing of Maple Leaf Gardens got me an A in design because I don't know that I would have received an A if I hadn't on that drawing.

Last week, I was at Barcelo Maya Beach Resort near Cancun. It was a lovely all-inclusive affair. Very nice beach and good food. The real reason I was there was to attend my dad's wedding and that was a fun night. The servers for the wedding were very friendly and had fun with us. It was a nice change from other weddings I've been to where the staff are just bitter that they have to be working on a Saturday night. Of course the wedding wasn't on a Saturday but that isn't important. I do recommend that you all go to a yuppie resort at least once because they are fun even if they aren't reallytravelingg.

I have lots of pictures posted from my trip. I took 400 something and my camera battery died at the same time as my memory card was filled just after we landed back in Calgary. It was very good timing.

Yesterday, I started my job at the University. I have to pick apart a simulation model before Monday so that I can figure out how to get it to work the way it is supposed to. It should be an interesting time. I'm still in the process of understanding the software that I am using. So far there hasn't been anything that I didn't understand eventually. Hopefully things will keep going like that. I guess I should get back to work now since I'm done my lunch.

Song: Happen Now - Joel Plaskett Emergency
Book: Simulation with Arena - W. David Kelton